Transformation, which leads to ascension is never easy, but ALWAYS worth it! It's time for us to find the LIGHT within our darkness. Please bear with me as you read this :) This was my original newsletter announcing our Academy's birth, therefore I want to share with you the same newsletter so that you can get an authetnic feel of how amazing things often come out of very painful experiences.

Aurora Ascension Academy - Unity for Humanity Teachings - Based on the Living Law of One, Unity Consciousness and Higher Heart-Based Living
Hello Precious Soul Family,
I am immensely excited to be sharing with you some of the transformations that are currently happening for Palace of Peace and Prosperity, myself and Sean thanks to the current Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio, (2017/2018) the sign of forgiveness and transformation. This has been aided by the powerful ascension projects that are currently underway too. This past weekend’s Astral Heart Clearing Ascension Event (Part 2) was powerful and the feedback we have already received confirms this. Sean and I have also experienced what I like to call Radical Self-IN-provement shifts as a result too.
All in all, the past 18 months (Nov 2016 - May 2018) have not been an easy time of transformation. When the Scorpion stings the venom burns like hell, and it feels that way on a heart, soul, emotional and physical level. This process is life-transforming. We “die” from the Scorpion’s poison and rise like an Eagle where we connect with Spirit before transforming again. Another “death.” The Eagle then transforms into the Phoenix, rising from the ashes. The Phoenix is a Fire Bird. At the time of writing this, we have just come out of Aries, the cardinal fire sign and now that the Sun settles into fixed earthy Taurus, it is time for practical and solid plans to slowly begin rolling out. Which is exactly what I’m doing.
My trip to Sedona in February 2018 was probably the most life-shifting I have had in all my years of travelling. I have travelled to 27 countries and some of them multiple times. I will be returning to Egypt for the 9 th time in February 2019.
Sedona was different because of the powerful vortices there and different because of the energy we needed to transform within ourselves whilst there. Sean and I then went to North Carolina where I had another life-shifting experience. The USA, as intense as it was, led to my most dark arts training initiations coming to an end and also revealing to Sean and I the power of Living Love when we connect into it.
We discovered the power that lies in facing darkness and transforming that darkness into alchemized gifts of transcendence. We as humans have that capability – to transform ALL base consciousness and energy into Golden Consciousness and energy. This is known as the 14th Dimensional Golden Ray of the Divine and Holy Christ Child. It IS Christ’s Golden (Son/Sun) Ray awakening authentically within all of us transforming everything BASE within us that is ready to be integrated as Golden Nuggets of Spiritual and Soul Wealth.
When we are fully aligned with what we are truly capable of we begin alchemizing everything around us that is base, in other words, very dense, into Golden (Higher/Christ) Consciousness. This is the heart of the energy uniting the Holy Trinity of Blue Ray, Golden Ray and Violet/Magenta Ray within every layer of our organic being.
We are alchemizing at an accelerated rate as a result of what we are intending and due to the work we are doing by authentically and permanently releasing ourselves from the darkness that has haunted us for many years, and lifetimes, I bet, for most of us. This time of harassment is ending.
As a result of all that my family and I endured at the hands of some very evil and dark entities in a home we lived in for 9 months, I realized how little people know about these energies and how these energies DELIBERATELY BLOCK our AUTHENTIC ascension out of this timeline and off the wheel of karma.
How many times have you heard yourself saying “This is my last life here!” Only to feel the inner knowing that it’s not that simple and that some very crucial information and tools are missing.
It was these feelings and questions inside of me that never left me that led to the transformation enabling the next level of my Divine Destiny meeting me. I am therefore very happy to be sharing my passion for writing and teaching with you by presenting to you the Aurora Ascension Academy in which all our Ascension and Planetary Grid projects/courses reside.
The past 18 months (Nov 2016 - May 2018) have changed my life and that of my family on more levels than I can mention. Some of these changes have been very painful, however, as always in hind sight, it always works out for the most AMAZING and AWESOME reasons! I feel so humble when I see the magnificence of Divine Will and Divine Right Order in action.
My transformation, because of what I intended for in my life which led to my inner disclosure and attracting the people, energy and information that played a big role in it, manifested some very scary realities for Sean and I. During this period we were almost bankrupted whilst dealing with the energies that did not want Sean and I to continue growing as souls individually, nor and as a Divine Couple and our living environment became a horror film. Things got worse as my inner disclosure continued and especially when I resigned from the fallen matrix completely and three quarters of my group left with it. This was a massive financial blow and one we surrendered to. We trust that everything we need will show up when it must, as it always has! Some days we get the radical trust right and other days we don't. Pick yourself up when you have those moments or days and carry on from where you left off before you had a wobble. It's okay to have these moments, as long as you don't camp out there!
I also had to accept the lesson that was facing me as I watched my group dissolve as I set more clearing intentions for myself and my life. I had to learn that this was not because I’m bad or that I had done anything wrong. It’s simply the end of a cycle and a time together. One of the ways the dark manipulated me was by me taking things like this personally which became a massive distraction. This is because my clients become my friends and I grow to love them.
Because of how I connect from a heart space it was an emotional blow via my astral heart chakra every time someone close to me in the group went their own way during this time. This often led to me treating myself in less than self-loving ways because I felt responsible in a negative way for them leaving – an old abandonment wound from my first year of life. I am very happy to report that as a result of the work I’m committed to doing on myself, that this energy has shifted and I have accepted that because I am changing so much right now it’s to be expected that my career, family and my group shift to the degree it has. I have chosen to celebrate this new design and focus on all the new and the good happening right now too. I chose to the see the light side of the darkness around me and within me.
At first it was very scary. Sean’s health was also deteriorating because of the energies attempting to stop us from anchoring our new work, including him undergoing his Lightbody Activations due to his Kundalini naturally activating and me downloading my full walk-in template which took time away from my work.
Not being able to work at times due to personal soul growth, dealing with the entities and negative elementals where we were living with at the time, and my family needing me during this very daunting time took its toll on me and I let go of a number of things I had put a lot of love and energy into, not to mention my life’s work, 21 years, now being compromised after discovering who the (partially) ascended masters really are.
This transformed me completely and my work is being reborn with me as the Aurora Ascension Academy, where everything that we are doing and focussing on involves FULL and AUTHENTIC DIVINE-SOVEREIGN-FREEDOM for all souls on Earth. Our Primary Goal is UNITY FOR HUMANITY.
Having risen from the ashes I now fly higher than I have in a very long while from within myself. Reaching this point has been a long time coming and no way are we totally out of the dark yet. We are however getting there a lot quicker than we realize and give ourselves credit for.
My Higher Heart Vision is that you will resonate with at least one of our Planetary Grid and Crystal Grid Ascension Rehabilitation Projects which are ESSENTIALLY ASCENSION projects focused on healing ourselves authentically, completely and irreversibly and in so doing healing Mother Earth, our entire bloodline past, present and future, and in so doing, raising her vibration too.
I will am presenting you with our different projects/courses so that you can identify clearly what resonates with you.
What Sean and I have been through has been worth it. We chose to embrace the light that comes about as a result of transforming the darkness. I BELIEVE it will do something similar and just as powerful for you. No matter how dark and drab life seems at times, our true reality is not like that at all. We have selected a thriving new reality already and all we are doing is following the path home together protected under the Radiating Living Love and Light of the Living Law of One.
The light side of darkness is a confusing subject for many people and I shall cover as many aspects of this subject as possible in the space I have available here today.
First, organic (living) light is a manifestation of unconditional (living-organic) love, and vice versa. Wherever living light exists, so does organic living (unconditional) love. The living light I am referring to in this instance is Divine Truth, Higher Knowledge, integrity, wisdom, positivism, understanding, and so on and so forth.
Second, darkness is a manifestation of fear fuelled by anger, which is fuelled by pain. Fear is an absence of love due to wounding and manifests darkness, in other words, more wounding.
Ignorance, pain, lack, limitation, illusion, doubt, anger, guilt, are examples of dark energy, darkness – the absence of LOVE. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “a person was kept in the dark” regarding something; the person is unaware, or uninformed, therefore in the dark – unaware and ignorant of what is going on around and within them, they’ve been left in the dark.
Let’s look at the light side of our dark side.
This is often referred to as Shadow Wisdom. It is important to understand how essential it is to seek the LIVING light in whatever perceived darkness one is experiencing. Every dark aspect offers an opportunity to heal, to grow, to gain wisdom. There is no such thing as mistakes; there is only the opportunity to learn and gain wisdom. When a person lives their life expecting to make mistakes or believes in mistakes, then one lives with regret, and regret feeds many other negative emotions.
So, if one does something that would normally be perceived as a mistake that would normally lead to a person regretting their action. This creates a downward spiral, and the person gets pulled into guilt, and several other negative emotions.
However, if the person who does something which is labelled a mistake rather sees it as an opportunity to learn something new, to release something old, and instead of feeling regret or guilt, the person gains wisdom. They are grateful for the opportunity to have learned what they have and are able to make any necessary adjustments to change the course of direction, or their actions if this is required. Remember, irresponsible behaviour is never acceptable in any circumstance and one’s conscience is supposed to ensure to a degree that one’s feelings of remorse will serve as tools to end destructive and abusive behaviour. Identify the difference between guilt and remorse and act to forgive yourself if you have been reacting and functioning on default – the kneeJERK reactions that result in us behaving, and then feeling like a jerk. Be A-WHERE of where your mind, heart and energy are at.
A positive attitude toward one’s path of learning and gaining wisdom further supports one to be fully present, in the present moment. Too much regret and remorse keep us trapped in the past. The guilt draws one back to those experiences repeatedly. If not guilt it might be anger. The anger may be inhibiting the person’s ability to forgive and keeps the person in psychic battles with others. This is highly destructive and keeps the time loops of karma active inhibiting TRUE ASCENSION OUT of THIS timeline. The psychic battle not only drains the person’s energy on another level, but also drains your own, and inhibits progress and true spiritual development.
So, by seeing the light in a dark situation one has fully embraced the light side of that darkness and learnt from “shadow wisdom.”
At the time of writing this I was reminded of an incident that took place some years ago already but helps create the picture I want to. Two ladies came to me when for a one-on-one sessions in 2004. When they arrived, they were mugged in the driveway of where we were staying. It was over very quickly and no-one got hurt. However, for the two ladies involved it was very upsetting.
This incident in fact happened on the day I was giving a talk on the Light Side of Darkness and this experience turned out to be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate what I meant by the title of my talk.
Both ladies were asked to think about each item of their jewellery and anything else that was taken from them and to take the time to acknowledge what it represented to them, what it meant to each of them individually. Once they recognised what each item represented, they were able to recognise what it was that was removed for them. Even the stuff that had sentimental value. Both ladies were encouraged to recognise what it was making way for. Something is taken away, or removed, or breaks, because there is something on its way to fill its place.
Motor cars represent one's personality and the “vehicle” we move around in, so it’s our physical body too. The owner of the car had her car keys taken in the robbery. If a car represents the personality, or the vehicle we travel around in in life, then we can safely see that the keys to her personality and mobility were removed; she was being given the opportunity to use different keys, to open and acknowledge other aspects of her personality and her relationship to her body and her ability to move forward in her life circumstances at the time.
Her cellular phone was taken. Telephones symbolize an instrument of communication; thus levels of communication were changing for her, being taken away, changing, making way for new ways of communication to come her way.
It is important to allow new energy in at every moment of every day by being open and present, in other words, willing to learn and remain grounded in the here and now so that we can take advantage of those opportunities that come knocking when we least expect it, or when it comes a knocking in disguise.
Things are not always physically removed though, as it was for these two ladies. Sometimes it happens on subtle levels. This is another reason why it is important we allow ourselves to be receptive in every moment of every day so as to benefit from any opportunity the soul presents at that time.
When one perceives one's own or another's behaviour as unacceptable, one must learn from the behaviour. Acknowledging to oneself that what one has done, said or even thought has not been acceptable is already a step in releasing oneself from that darkness. Acting to ensure that one's awareness is held in a constant state of awareness (A-WHERE-NESS) so as not to repeat the same actions, the same words or thoughts, is what draws more Living Light into one's consciousness.
Moving out of a state of denial can be very challenging, but the more open and honest one is with oneself, the more light one attracts, the more light one integrates into the system and the more self-knowledge one gains. The more you know about yourself the more empowered you become. The more you learn about yourself, the more you learn about God, the more you learn about life and the easier it becomes to practise unconditional love, non-judgment, and discernment.
There is a great difference between discernment and judgment. Simply observing behaviour and choosing not to be affected by another person’s behaviour, is discernment. Choosing to remove oneself from the company of people or an experience that causes one pain or discomfort is the practice of discernment. And that is when one also draws upon light (love and awareness) in order to shift out of darkness (fear and ignorance.)
Many people are afraid to go within themselves to learn more about themselves. Because of this, they are often faced with situations where their dark side is reflected back to them. This often ends in judgment because a person judges in another what they dislike or fear most about themselves. Consciously and unconsciously. This is why it’s important to remind ourselves that self-knowledge empowers us. You will see, the more you know about yourself, the less often you will attract negative experiences in the form of interactions with other negatively charged people. And if it happens, it will be far easier to recognise the light in the shadow and be able to transform it. It is important to acknowledge that one will be challenged, regardless of where on your path of enlightenment you are. Therefore self-knowledge equips one with the tools to overcome one's challenges – learn, gain wisdom, move on.
The next four years are extremely important (2018 – 2022). People’s paths of personal development are expanding and accelerating at a phenomenal rate, and it is therefore imperative that each individual take full responsibility for their behaviour and choices. This empowers the collective consciousness of humanity and shifts that consciousness into integrating higher quotients of LIVING LIGHT. Darkness can only exist where LIVING light does not. So the moment the light side of any dark experience is acknowledged it immediately dissipates. It becomes non-existent. The darkness is absorbed into the LIVING-LOVING light and is fully transformed. That transformed dark aspect becomes a powerful light aspect of the individual – their personality, their soul essence or any other aspect of what makes up the energy of who they are.
We have already witnessed an immense amount of change in our world. More and more darkness is being exposed because of the amount of light entering our planet and the consciousness of humanity. Thus we must continue with our efforts to enlighten ourselves, to be the light leading by example that inspires and enlightens others, for every Living Love seed that becomes stronger and for every new light ignited, the more there will be available to humanity to EV(OLVE) in LOVE.
Light-workers have been challenged by the darkness to great extents over the past years and especially now. Many feel that the dark times have become too much to handle. All that is happening is that we as Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Lightweavers have been taken through intense initiations of accelerated growth so as to expose all the aspects that harbour darkness in order to embody Living Light. The problem arises when individuals get caught up in the darkness. Where the illusion becomes a perceived reality, a perceived truth, which is when light is lost, and energy is wasted in keeping the shadow alive. Patterns of wounding playing out repeatedly with no long-lasting change.
The challenge is to remain aligned with the LIVING light when there is density. The challenge is to open the Higher Heart to accept Living Light when all the astral heart wants to do is shut down and close itself off to everything and everyone. Millions of levels of Living Light frequencies are being made available to humanity to expand beyond the pain and wounding perpetuated via the astral heart.
Dance with your shadow, get to know this aspect of yourself, because when you know your dark side, your light becomes stronger and the light side is what draws your dark aspects further into the light. Shamelessly identifying our pain enables us to shamelessly deal with the entities and imposter energies that have been created as a result of our pain and darkness.
There are other aspects of the self which are often referred to as the dark side or the shadow side. This is often seen as, for some as the aggressive, and for others, the assertive self, depending on how it is expressed. Our assertive self is also full of light. By practicing discernment one is able to assert Divine Will, set boundaries, and insist that whatever darkness is being experienced is transmuted into light.
This is another reason why more and more people are being challenged to embrace their shadow self and to allow their light self in to heal their wounds, to awaken the sleeping aspects of themselves, to awaken inner truths, inner knowledge and to birth wisdom and true power.
Gaia - Mother Earth - has reached the point in her own evolutionary cycle where she has actively chosen to integrate her own dark aspects and transmute them into LIVING LIGHT - another reason why humanity is being challenged to wake up, to EMBODY LIVING LIGHT, to become informed, to become empowered, to come out of the dark in order for everything to grow. The Dark Age IS over. We are ascending in to the Golden Age. We have consciously made the choice to fully step into our Golden Self, to embrace our Golden Consciousness which is what the Golden Children have brought to humanity - the opportunity to fully heal and transform the shadow self.
When we think of Golden Consciousness or being a Golden Being it implies a richness about it – wealth, opulence, power, status. This however is NOT the lustful/greedy aspect of those energies. Rather see it in the sense of spiritual wealth, spiritual opulence, empowered by the Living Light of our Good-God.
Humanity is currently being given the opportunity to fully integrate the self-mastered aspects of themselves, which means that we have been given the opportunity to align our energy and our consciousness with our future mastered self and experience immense soul growth by TRULY FORGIVING AND FORGETTING. The current Jupiter retrograde through Scorpio (ending July 11th 2018) is presenting us with HUGE opportunities to LEARN, to FORGIVE AND grow, AND expand OUR LIFE BY DOING SO. It promises HUGE INNER TRANSFORMATION.
It is very important that we also address our dark thinking - criticism, belief in lack and in loss, victim consciousness, conditional love consciousness, and see that all of these experiences have served a purpose. We have experienced what it feels like to go without. We have experienced what it feels like to be in emotional pain, physical pain, and in mental anguish. We have experienced the feeling of fear, of regret, remorse, shame, humiliation, anger: we’ve done it all. We have lived the dark side, over and over and over again. Lifetime after lifetime, we have experienced darkness. We have experienced the frustration of ignorance, the humiliation of lack of understanding: we have done it! We HAVE ALREADY experienced all of this and now it is ending. That is what you need to grasp: you have been there and you have done it and now it’s over!
Now we have the opportunity to experience the light side of all the darkness we have been exposed to.
Because you have lived and felt pain and limitation, it is your divine birth right to experience its COMPLETE OPPOSITE. This is where the mind is challenged, because humanity’s conditioning is so deeply wounded that it is difficult to digest the concept of experiencing as much, if not more light, than we experience darkness.
Try using these statements to help you shift this behaviour if you are struggling. These are simple statements to change the negative self-talk.
  • Where I have experienced betrayal, it is NOW my Divine Right to experience commitment and faithfulness.
  • Where I have experienced lack, it is NOW my Divine Right to experience true prosperity and spiritual wealth.
That is the light side of all the darkness you have experienced.
  • Where I have experienced a death, my Divine Right is to experience life again, so I AM reborn. (This cycle comes to an end, and a new one automatically begins.)
  • When night comes to an end, daytime follows. So this cycle of darkness, like night-time, has come to an end.
Dawn is at your doorstep and this is the consciousness that our Holy and Divine Avatar self is trying to get us to grasp and open up to.
We have entered the light of a new day, of a new age, and in the Golden Age, darkness as we have come to know it, the Luciferian/Satanic blueprint does not exist in the new cycle we are moving into. So, part of your role is to open yourself completely to the LIVING LIGHT side of whatever darkness you experience. It is also your role to help others understand this when they come your way and ask for help or direction, to get out of victim consciousness, because a victim believes that they have to live with darkness in order to deserve light. This is the “no pain, no gain" syndrome.
On the 21st of December 2012, the LIVING (organic) LIGHT-AGE fully activated. Thus, whatever was in any form of darkness at that particular point has been disintegrating and will continue to disintegrate.
This is another reason why so many souls are choosing to leave the planet. Some are making their transition to the other worlds in order to receive healing, the opportunity to participate in the higher schools of learning. For some it is the opportunity to have a period of rest in order to reincarnate either just before or just after the Golden Age is fully grounded. Many souls have also decided that the challenge is too great, and would like a period of rest and will then reincarnate into another system, another dimension, where they will continue their journey of learning and of soul development.
But those of us who have chosen to wake up, to lead the rest of humanity into the Golden Age will also need to surrender our consciousness and allow it to expand beyond that which we have become accustomed to. This is the process of the lower ego relinquishing control to the soul.
By being flexible and open-minded, we accept the opportunity to gain an immense amount of wisdom and a vast amount of higher knowledge and self-knowledge. The more we allow this, the more we apply it, the more we experience, the more our reality changes, and what we yearn for from our inner Higher Heart becomes our new reality. Our dreams and visions take on a new vibrant energy. Hopes and wishes and a change manifest, and with our relationship and interaction with the higher density Beings of Living Love and Benevolence secured on this new organic platform, an entirely new world of living and experience opens up to us.
So to each one of you I say open your mind, open your Higher Heart, release the victim, release the aspect of you which indulges in poverty consciousness. Acknowledge your divine right to experience LIVING Light. You have completed your dark cycle; now it is time to live the light cycle of it - the light side of darkness.
Initially it is challenging. Fears creep in in a flash and before you know it, you are worrying about all sorts of things that may or may not necessarily happen.
One of the ways that you can keep yourself more focused on your light side is by maintaining an attitude of gratitude. By regularly giving thanks for what you ALREADY have - materially, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually - the more you will affirm to yourself just how blessed you truly are.
  • Make a commitment to yourself to breathe life back into to all the joyous child aspects of yourself.
  • Make a commitment to the light side of your dark self, and acknowledge daily that your dark age has ended and you are adjusting to a new age.
  • Remind yourself that dawn is breaking and you have tremendous advantage over many others, but that privilege comes with responsibility to use the knowledge, the tools and the power that you are being presented with to show others the light side of darkness.
To end off my message to you today, let me remind you of the importance of embracing your Living, Light side. This does not mean you must disregard your dark side - shadow side. Rather acknowledge your shadow self as a teacher, a bringer of wisdom, and every time you acknowledge the wisdom this teacher has brought, you are blessed with more light and therefore, more self-knowledge.
Be conscious of your thoughts, your words and your actions, so that you are aware of what darkness you entertain. Your awareness (A-WHERE-NESS) allows you to acknowledge what is going down, your acknowledgement allows you to transform, and your transformations grants you the joy of new life.
Remember your responsibility to serve in the LIVING LIGHT by showing others how to embrace their LIVING LIGHT, and this we do through leading by example. Understand that some days may be easier than others initially, but when one day is darker than another there is the opportunity to learn so much more about ourselves. And remember, as well: by maintaining an attitude of gratitude, fear and doubt have no leverage.
May the power of your authentic Self embrace you fully. I acknowledge the LIVING LIGHT of your essence, and I honour the courage and strength you display in persevering and taking your journey to completion.
I trust that my message today has added some LIVING LIGHT to your day and shed LIGHT on what you are in the dark about.
May our Aurora Ascension Academy lead you into your inner Palace of Peace and Prosperity. We have anchored in our energies as Living Loving Lightweavers. We have anchored into our being our organic template for our inner Palace of Peace and Prosperity, and now it’s time to use all our tools and ascend!
Thank you for taking the time to read my message and I look forward to sharing more with you. Have a blessed day!
Much love,

Michelle Manders.